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Kelly is a leader with 20 years of both leadership experience and developing individuals and teams while bringing transformational change to the workplace.  Her breadth of experience includes the private, education, social services and healthcare sectors.  Each experience brought the opportunity to meet new people, grow and learn which lead her to coaching.  As a coach, Kelly’s ability to hear what is truly being said, define the actual problem versus identifying the symptom gives clients clarity and an action plan to move forward.  Kelly has a process to help people with change, so it is less overwhelming and more manageable, it is her coaching superpower.  Kelly loves meeting new people, learning what their unique combination of strengths and interests are and then helping them clarify what they want out of their careers, so they have more joy in their lives.


Kelly has a degree in adult education from Brock University, a Healthcare Leadership certificate from McMaster University, a diploma in Respiratory Therapy from the Michener Institute.  She has also taken many workshops including Lego Strategic play to facilitate her work using Lego.  Kelly is a certified Wayfinder Coach with Martha Beck Inc. She is a member in good standing of the International Coaches Federation and the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario. 


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